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  • Can I justify a garden designer on a small project?
    A well thought out garden can positively transform the way you live and when you appoint a professional designer, you can be sure your project is in safe hands. With smaller gardens in particular where everything is on show, it is absolutely imperative that every design element and detail is well considered and justified - in small spaces there is no hiding place for bad choices made. Mistakes, however small, can be costly and will completely offset an otherwise successful outcome. Furthermore, the most challenging but exciting spaces, often the ones to create the ‘wow' factor, are the small gardens where expert design solutions are truly inspiring and tranformational.
  • How much does garden design cost?
    Design costs vary according to the content and scale of the project. Garden Design Plans can range from £500 for simple makeovers to £ several thousand for complex projects. Planting advice and/or plans cost in the region of £180 to £850 depending on the amount of planting. Consultancy advice is charged at £60/80 per hour respectively subject to the nature of the advice sought. In terms of actual build costs, most newly designed gardens including irrigation and lighting fall into the following categories: - £18,000 - £35,000 £35,000 - £60,000 £60,000 - £110,000 Small partial improvements are costed per job. For example, an existing garden revamp, a new planting scheme etc.
  • How long will it take?
    The full Design Process from the Initial Consultation to the final Presentation of the Master Plan is usually a period of 6 weeks. The build stage depends largely on the scale of the project and ranges from two weeks to three months.
  • Can I have a designed garden that is sympathetic to the environment?
    Yes, you can strike the healthy balance of urban development and our environment. Even with very contemporary designs, largely laid to paving or artificial grass, there are always design solutions to ensure an ecological relationship between landscape and urban infrastructure. Please see here for more information on our Environmental Commitment.
  • Where do you source plants and materials?
    All our trees and plants are sourced from top quality industry standard trade nurseries and growers throughout the UK, and sometimes Europe where certain species are desired or specified. For large shrubs and trees, we personally visit the nurseries to choose and select them ensuring the perfect form and size for the jobs in mind.
  • Will my new garden continue to look good years beyond the design and build?
    Like everything if a good quality build and good materials are used at the outset, there is no reason why your garden shouldn’t continue to look fabulous years after the design. Of course there will be elements you need to maintain at certain frequencies such as repainting or re-oiling furniture, cleaning paving etc. The most important investment will be the maintenance of your plants. It is a very important part of the initial brief to fully understand the requirements of a garden once established and not to be overambitious with the amount or type of planting to be incorporated if you are unable to look after it yourself and/or appoint a gardener to do so. This will be discussed in detail with you by the designer.
  • I don't want a big re-design, just something to jazz my garden up a bit. Can you still help?"
    Yes - absolutely we can help! You’d be amazed at the results from a simple garden makeover. Please do get in touch and we can talk you through how we can make the most of your outside space.
  • I've heard astro turf/fake grass is bad for the environment. What do you suggest?
    There is no doubt that the introduction to the industry of artificial grass is damaging to our environment. It has huge benefits for our everyday living but for the soil health, local wildlife, its manufacturing & transport and final disposal into landfill, it's a very different matter. Of course it's only fair to factor in the up side of having no further requirement for powered tools for mowing, strimming and leaf blowing, along with fertiliser use and watering. However, we like to tip this imbalance a little further by ensuring that installations are always undertaken where corridors for wildlife are maintained and plenty of wildlife planting is incorporated. We hope that all our future clients will share this goal with us. You can read more about our Environment Commitment here.
  • Are you still offering your services through the Covid - 19 Pandemic?
    Yes. Tris Williams Garden Design is still operating and open for business. In light of the uncertainty that we are all currently facing, please see our Covid Policy, which lays out how we are taking steps to deliver our services during this time, to ensure the utmost safety for our team and our clients alike.


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